We at Salem Baptist Church believe in supporting world wide missions through a “faith promise” style missions giving.  Jesus said in Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” 

US MIissions Flag Map





 1. Ron Alberico-Evangelist 


2. John Bacon- Arizona 


3. Bearing Precious Seed Milford, OH- Bible Printing 


4. Christian Law Association 


5. Ricky Dunsford- Rock of Ages 


6. Fellowship Tract League 


7. Kirk Kirkland-Cincinnati/Church Planter 


8. John Mckinney- Montana  


9. John Monk- Kickapoo Indians  


10. Ann Murphy- Regeneration Reservation 


11. Maurice Payne-Forgotten Millions Ministry  


12. Mark Sadler- Evangelist/Church 


13. Mark Shumaker-Nebraska





God Earth







 1. Ron Back- Australia

2. Daniel Coates-Guatemala

3. Brian Cone-Thialand

4. Mircea Cristian-Romania

5. A Romanian National Serving w/ Mircea Cristian

6. James Downs-Ethiopia

7. Matt Gansemer- Argentina

8. Global Church Planters

9. Jordan Green-Mexico

10. William Harper-Lithuania

11. Paul Hostetler-Madagascar

12. Bob Hutton-Ireland

13. Wendall Johnson-Mexico

14. Daniel Jones-Mexico

15. Johnny Leslie-Croatia

16. Joe Matacchiera-Zambia

17. Robert Montgomery-Pakistan

18. Mike Peters-Spain

19. Greg Waller-South America

20. Unable to Post Name-Communist Laos & Southeast Asia